Cargo Taxi - is popular and the best mode of transport in conditions of a mega polis, especially if you plan to move and you need to select the most spacious and affordable option. Great lifting capacity, combined with a compact form allows the car to easily overcome narrow streets and driveways in the complex areas of the old buildings. This service will allow you to deliver your furniture, pick up your purchases, luggage and special items for which you do not need a huge truck.

When you move an office, you are entering into a multi-step process that is not limited to ordering the car. In this process, as in a good orchestra many components are involved from the call center operator to the mover. It is imperative to have skilled and experienced movers that will do the job in a professional manner, and here is where we come into the picture.

Our drivers have a great accident-free driving experience; by following the GPS they choose the shortest route, avoiding traffic jams and problematic road sections.

Our movers will help with loading operations that are performed dynamically and simultaneously at the tapped tempo and without interruption. We provide everything that is necessary to protect your belongings from damage and safely deliver them to the needed destination.

We are happy to provide you a various types of deliveries that will cover the majority of your needs when it comes to transportation of your belongings.

These are the areas of our expertise:

- Same day and on demand deliveries
- Schedule and routed deliveries
- Fleet Management
- Warehouse Logistics
- Heavy Freight
- Distribution
- Ikea delivery and assembly
- Furniture delivery
- Food delivery
- Packing supplies delivery
- Airport rides
- Shopping trips
- Musical band transportation
- Luggage Delivery
- Online purchases delivery
- Construction materials delivery
- Home appliancies delivery
- Household Junk Removal