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If you’re looking for a fast and efficient delivery services, use Cargo Taxi courier services. We offer cheap services in greater Montreal area. From collection to delivery, your consignment will be cared by our fully trained movers. Your dedicated team is responsible exclusively for your goods and items until they receive a signature from the recipient. It is an easy affordable and stress free service.

We provide 2 options for the payment:

Option 1 : "Payment per hour" *    Price    
CargoTaxi + 1 mover     from 30$ 45$
CargoTaxi + 2 movers    from 50$ 75$
2 movers (no truck)      from 45$ 68$

All jobs have a minimum of 1 hour of labor and an extra 30-60 minutes to get your address and return back to our parking

* outside of Montreal & Laval islands the rates may vary
* at the end of the month rates may vary  


Option 2: " Flat price"

to get a fixed price, please visit this link FIXED PRICE


Our Advantages:

-Professional service
-Easy to book
-Fast service

We carry it, you forget about it….